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How Does The Emergency Doctrine Work In Negligence Cases?

{Time to read: 3:25 mins} The emergency doctrine is a defense that, if allowed by a judge, may be asserted in a personal injury negligence case to absolve a negligent driver of all civil liability. The defense may be used if it … Continue reading

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What New Yorkers Need to Know About No-Fault Insurance Law

{2:13 minutes to read} New York State has a no-fault insurance law regime in place that applies to all people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents. What it means is this: Regardless of which driver is at fault in … Continue reading

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Mediation: A Cost Effective Alternative to Trial

In representing personal injury clients, I always prepare each case with the intention that they will eventually be tried in front of a jury. However, there are reasons that this is not always the best option for my clients. Jury … Continue reading

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Injured at Work… Who Can You Sue?

What happens if you’re injured on the job due to negligence? In New York State, if you are injured due to the negligence of your employer, you are not allowed to sue. Your only remedy is Worker’s Compensation. Worker’s Compensation … Continue reading

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Can Your Family Collect for Wrongful Death?

Many people would be surprised to learn that in New York, family members are not entitled to monetary damages for the emotional loss they experience when a family member is killed through wrongful death. Instead, their damages are limited to … Continue reading

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All Dogs in New York Get “One Free Bite”

People get attacked by dogs often, and these attacks can be quite serious. It is always a good idea to be careful around animals you are unfamiliar with. But sometimes even the most cautious person can be the victim of … Continue reading

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